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January Workout Challenge Winner!

We started out 2018 with a bang! 70 ladies joined in our New Year's Challenge to workout for 270 minutes in the month of January. 70 ladies took on the challenge and they nailed it! Together, they worked out for 8500 minutes. Meet our challenge winner, Binti, who worked out for 1090 minutes and won a cash prize:

Binti - 1090 Minutes!

Binti says..." I have been suffering from back pain due to seizures and I have a hard time moving around. ZURI motivated me to get up and start exercising. My back pain has subsided tremendously. I feel motivated to do something positive for my body every day. The ladies make it so much fun with their daily reports are encouragement. I feel like I am part of something awesome! Thank you ZURI for a group that contributes to my body, mind and soul".

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